Meet the owners

Chanetta aka CJ

Born and raised in Northeast Ohio 

Founded what turned into 

Events by CJ in 2009

My goal is make everyone I come in contact with remember me and my work . We all want that one event that people keep talking about for years to come 

The Team

In 2016 something awesome took place. At that time we didn't know that our businesses would be merging just one year later. During the Spring of 2017 we began taking the steps of joining our businesses  together. During the Summer we took a break while CJ recovered from surgery, then in the Fall began working with our wonderful business mentor Vicki Stanley. We are so excited to merge the gifts and talents that we have together that we've been doing separately for years.

Charles aka "DJ See Why"

Born into a entertainment family on his father's side, Charles always wanted to find a way to leave a positive impression on anyone he came in contact with. Thorough his 10+ years of working in independent television, music and radio, he constantly looks for other ways to expand his repertoire. This how "DJ See Why" was born. Combining his experience of hosting and his knowledge of music, DJ See Why is "The Reason" your event will be the best above the rest.